Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Road Comic

The Road

This project was to take a given excerpt from the film script and make it into our own comic pages. I would give you the pages of script, but I can't find them at the moment! (Just moved house, too many boxes!)

In summary, (!) a boy and his father are travelling the road to the coast, after some kind of unspecified post apocalyptic disaster has hit the earth.

Markers and Pen.

Again I managed to leave out a word in my hand lettering! 'There WERE fires' it should have said! It shouldn't take me long to replace the text in the few bubbles when I get the chance, it's just a shame because I was really getting into the lettering! In my defense, the script that I was working from was all screwy from dodgy photocopy jobs, so the text that I was copying from was totally nonsensical anyway, even without the missing word!

I enjoyed using spot colour a lot here. I also really loved making the 3 panels from the weirdo's running round the fire to the guy drinking cup o' finger soup.

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