Sunday, April 18, 2010



These drawings are from a project I did rather obviously on cowboys. I didn't really have a highly conceptual plan, I think I just liked drawing cowboys! The project really was to try out different media, so I tried out a few new things. It's so nice to get out of the media you use by default. I'd definately like to incorporate lots of techniques into the next sequential/comic thing I make.

Lunch Break

This was the first thing I drew, so it put me on my cowboy thang. I reproduced it in the photocopy machine, and made aged looking duplicates with acetone. I really want to get the time to stick it in illustrator and colour it, maybee in the summer holidays!

Dancing Cowboy

Coloured pencils and pen.
I just like his wobbly dancing arms and his rosy cheeks!

Cowboy Coffee

Coloured pencil, watercolour and pen.
Again its all in the cheeks!

Nothin' but a mean ass gunslinger

Black paper, acrylic paint, colouring pencil and pen.
I love drawing the pointy boots!

Nightime at the Camp

Paper collage, stitch, pen/pencil/paint.
I love the flat colour a paper collage gives a background. I also love to work with stitch. Im always irrationally excited by pictures that make me want to touch them for some reason! (I set off a lot off alarms in galleries)


Detail of the above picture. I like it on its own as a composition though.


Masking fluid and paints on black paper.
This was to try to think subtractively for a change. I also like the quality of the colours you get from working on top of black.

Even whiskey drinkers and gunslingers get the blues

Acrylic paint on canvas.
This came out of the initial pen drawing of the cow-couple in the dinner. I guess it was actually pretty damn lonely being a cowboy. I chose acrylics because of the weight in their texture.

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