Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Astro Chimp episode 2 concept work part 1!

Astro Chimp 2
Back to earth, free his friends, take down the army.
I have just started work on astro chimp 2.
Episode 1 was so much fun, and I really wanted to develop personal style more, this time with colour and text. If it works the way I want it to, I plan to revamp Episode 1 in the same manner.
I want to use a narrative, loosely based on the style of the old Adam West Batman show voice overs, and then use minimum to no dialogue. After all its about monkeys and aliens.
This episode will be more of a comedic action adventure, with focus on developing more unique characters. The plot thus far starts with Astro Chimp landing on a distant planet and teaming up with it's inhabitants to try to rescue the other monkeys in the testing plant. But when they get back to earth, they discover that the evil scientist in charge has been up to some dastardly experimentation. What will Astro Chimp do? How will he free his friends?
Feed me alot of coffee over the coming weeks to find out!
Heres a couple of concept sketches.

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