Sunday, April 18, 2010



Mono print, collograph and dry point.
This is one my favorite things I've made. I know that at this stage it's totally cliche, but I really totally love octopus and squid stuff. They are just so rediculously alien, and completely fascinating.

Make shift mono print (back of a spoon
is not quite a printing press but it's pretty good!)

Dry point
Sometimes I really love working in fine lines. Theres a quality to the delicate thin lines of ink that bleed out softly like little fuzzy caterpillars.

Screen print, stamp letters, pen and marker.
hehehe! I put in years of trying to learn to draw properly and this was my top seller!
I like my little bear!

Screen print on painted background.
I think the bear is disco dancing? I just like the way the ink squashed out in the printing so it looks like his head exploded!

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