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Hello Sailor!

I was going over the old work from my buddy Sarah there today and some of it is too beautiful to not be shared. I studied Illustration with Sarah in Ballyfermot (the best course I have ever done in anything because of the wonderful Mags). While we were in year 2 of college Sarah was outright given a solo exhibition in the Signal Arts Center in Bray, which is quite the achievement, and in our graduate show, she had a constant well deserved buzz around her display, and was one of the only ones to sell most of her work pretty much instantly. The art she produces is delicate, beautiful and pulls my heart strings whenever I look at it. It feels like a child's dreams from an adults eyes, and to me feels like a mourning of a loss of innocence and a grasp at dissipating fantasy as we grow older. That is however what I take from it, take from it what you will, but it looks gorgeous whatever way you look at it.  Let me see more Sar Bear!! 

Images from Hello Sailor!


Just because....

by Jim Benton



My good pal Cereal Tom has produced this amazing print to help fund a children's book he has written. So if you are in need of christmas present ideas for people with good taste or you have a wall that needs adorning with beauty here you go! Please share this if you like it!

This is from his website cerealtom -

"I've written a kids' book, The Bright Yellow Giraffe, a whimsical adventure starring a giraffe that's bright in colour alone, and now I need the time to produce the 60 pages or so of pictures necessary to illustrate the story, design the layout, and subsequently turn it into an iPad app.
Buying a copy of Story Horse, a limited edition giclee print here, will help make all of this possible."


'Alfred was obviously underdressed for his induction into the Adventurers Hall of Fame.'

By Matte Stephens.

Here's his etsy page, i love it! http://www.etsy.com/people/matteart?ref=ls_profile


My friend Sarah showed me this blog ages ago, and I've just rediscovered it, I love it so much!


The saddest things ever....

The End

Calvin saying goodbye to Hobbes


Awesome prints!

Lots more here, they are by a guy who goes by the name of  Rogan Josh.


Batman??? Amazing.