Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potato Sketch!


The many faces of Eustace Tilley

This assignment is based on a cover 'The New Yorker' runs each year. Eustace Tilley is a dandy who gets re-imagined by new artist every year.
Examples and info can be found here.
This is my interpretation. By my guess he's the oldest dandy on the block at this stage.
Again it's on my list of pieces that I have to re-do the lettering on illustrator. So hard to get hand lettering visible when you make the file digital.
In case you can't make it out, it reads -

E. Tilley: I say sir, any dosh so I can get TOTALLY ossified?
Be a good fellow!
Police: TILLY! Get off the streets ya crazy old dandy!

Astro Chimp episode 2 concept work part 1!

Astro Chimp 2
Back to earth, free his friends, take down the army.
I have just started work on astro chimp 2.
Episode 1 was so much fun, and I really wanted to develop personal style more, this time with colour and text. If it works the way I want it to, I plan to revamp Episode 1 in the same manner.
I want to use a narrative, loosely based on the style of the old Adam West Batman show voice overs, and then use minimum to no dialogue. After all its about monkeys and aliens.
This episode will be more of a comedic action adventure, with focus on developing more unique characters. The plot thus far starts with Astro Chimp landing on a distant planet and teaming up with it's inhabitants to try to rescue the other monkeys in the testing plant. But when they get back to earth, they discover that the evil scientist in charge has been up to some dastardly experimentation. What will Astro Chimp do? How will he free his friends?
Feed me alot of coffee over the coming weeks to find out!
Heres a couple of concept sketches.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Road Comic

The Road

This project was to take a given excerpt from the film script and make it into our own comic pages. I would give you the pages of script, but I can't find them at the moment! (Just moved house, too many boxes!)

In summary, (!) a boy and his father are travelling the road to the coast, after some kind of unspecified post apocalyptic disaster has hit the earth.

Markers and Pen.

Again I managed to leave out a word in my hand lettering! 'There WERE fires' it should have said! It shouldn't take me long to replace the text in the few bubbles when I get the chance, it's just a shame because I was really getting into the lettering! In my defense, the script that I was working from was all screwy from dodgy photocopy jobs, so the text that I was copying from was totally nonsensical anyway, even without the missing word!

I enjoyed using spot colour a lot here. I also really loved making the 3 panels from the weirdo's running round the fire to the guy drinking cup o' finger soup.



Mono print, collograph and dry point.
This is one my favorite things I've made. I know that at this stage it's totally cliche, but I really totally love octopus and squid stuff. They are just so rediculously alien, and completely fascinating.

Make shift mono print (back of a spoon
is not quite a printing press but it's pretty good!)

Dry point
Sometimes I really love working in fine lines. Theres a quality to the delicate thin lines of ink that bleed out softly like little fuzzy caterpillars.

Screen print, stamp letters, pen and marker.
hehehe! I put in years of trying to learn to draw properly and this was my top seller!
I like my little bear!

Screen print on painted background.
I think the bear is disco dancing? I just like the way the ink squashed out in the printing so it looks like his head exploded!

Mail Me Art

Mail Me Art!

This work was for the postal competition 'mail me art' . I had a lot of fun with it!

Mail Me Poe

This was inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe Poem 'The Conquerer Worm'

Guache and letter stamps on brown envelope.

Mail Me Monkeys

This was at the same time that I was designing the Astro Chimp character.

Markers and stamps

Mail Me Skulls

This one comes from a song by The Misfits' called 'Skulls'.
It's a highly intellectual ditty, concerning issues such as

"I want your skull I need your skull I want your skull I need your skull "

Plastic zip lock bags, card, various markers

Hand made cartoon handbags

I love making stuff. I thought it would be fun to put some of my characters on to the handbags I make.

Crackmouse Handbag

Felt, stitch, handmade bag.

Tape Monster Purse

Felt, stitch, all handmade.

Band Art

Band Art

Acrylic paint. A lot of it.

Bastard Youth 7"
Record sticker. Record now out of print.
I also did the cover but the file has escaped me.


De Novissimis
Used on the cover of the self titled cd

De Novissimis
Another record sticker, used in the split 10" with Wreck of the Hesperus.

De Novissimis/Tunguska 7"

De Novissimis
Band Photo.



Heres a few old posters I did for gigs. The originals of some are gone or very tatty so excuse the state!

I managed to spell timothy wrong in this one. I really liked the initial image, then I spilt a glass of water on it too close to the deadline, and for some reason wrote the text in really awful marker. I didn't see the type-o till it was back from the printers!

The Bunny and the Bear

The Bunny and the Bear

Paint and pen on black paper



This was a representational project to show complex forms that convincingly weave together.
We were bound to stipple, cross hatch and contour. I also used some pen line work.

Life Drawing Sketches

Life Drawing Sketches

I have very little here so far purely because we work on A0 Newsprint in class, which photographs badly and wont go near a scanner. Whats shown is a couple of smaller exercises and sketches until I get around to shrinking the years class work.

Semi blind

Point to point

These two are not particularly correct, I just liked the pen!


Mushroom study on acetate

Acetate has a nice thick scratch away layer of toner if you put it through a photocopier!

Mushroom Studies in pen, ink and bleach.

I REALLY love the way the bleach pulls the ink off the page. The orangey colour it leaves looks so perfect with the blue in the ink.



This project was to treat the drawings as descriptive, as in the context of a history book or an instructional book in some way. We were to use the absolute minimum of line, yet the ones used had to be accurate. The drawing is totally to scale.




The last two pieces had to show form through stipple, crosshatch or contour. I chose to try stipple for the fun. Turns out that making a large picture out of tint dots takes a really really really long time!

Stipple Side

Stipple Views



These drawings are from a project I did rather obviously on cowboys. I didn't really have a highly conceptual plan, I think I just liked drawing cowboys! The project really was to try out different media, so I tried out a few new things. It's so nice to get out of the media you use by default. I'd definately like to incorporate lots of techniques into the next sequential/comic thing I make.

Lunch Break

This was the first thing I drew, so it put me on my cowboy thang. I reproduced it in the photocopy machine, and made aged looking duplicates with acetone. I really want to get the time to stick it in illustrator and colour it, maybee in the summer holidays!

Dancing Cowboy

Coloured pencils and pen.
I just like his wobbly dancing arms and his rosy cheeks!

Cowboy Coffee

Coloured pencil, watercolour and pen.
Again its all in the cheeks!

Nothin' but a mean ass gunslinger

Black paper, acrylic paint, colouring pencil and pen.
I love drawing the pointy boots!

Nightime at the Camp

Paper collage, stitch, pen/pencil/paint.
I love the flat colour a paper collage gives a background. I also love to work with stitch. Im always irrationally excited by pictures that make me want to touch them for some reason! (I set off a lot off alarms in galleries)


Detail of the above picture. I like it on its own as a composition though.


Masking fluid and paints on black paper.
This was to try to think subtractively for a change. I also like the quality of the colours you get from working on top of black.

Even whiskey drinkers and gunslingers get the blues

Acrylic paint on canvas.
This came out of the initial pen drawing of the cow-couple in the dinner. I guess it was actually pretty damn lonely being a cowboy. I chose acrylics because of the weight in their texture.